What is Casual Dating?

 Casual dating is a new dating trend. More and more people are choosing the safe anonymous contact of an exciting casual online dating, and finding such a partner for the moment. You can thrilling erotic adventures, and you do not this bound to feel.

You can decide how long you want to stay in touch. This can be a single meeting, you can find each other more often and there are also people who find long-term contact. It is important that you determine how your casual encounters will be like, how often, how and with whom.

Casual Dating on TV

Casual Dating is also advertised on TV. You might know the commercial below from TV stations like ABC, DEF or GHIJ.

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What others say:

"C-Date is one of the leading casual dating sites. Millions of people search here. The platform is designed to be easy to use."
Dating Site Review 2011

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Did you know?

70% find their casual date online

A study shows that 70% of all casual daters nowadays use online services to find their dates.

58% of audiance are women

Especially women like the anonymous and safe environment online. Women are more and more interested in online erotic dating.

It's a european trend

The swiss are most active, the Spanish do it at work. Casual dating is in every country.

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A flirt, pleasurable tingle or a sexual adventure – online dating sites are booming. Whatever you desire from an online dating site, find other singles who want the same thing as you.

Online dating sites to suit your personal preference
- Are you single? Do you want a partner to fall in love with? Or just a sexy one night stand?
- Whatever you desire, there is an online dating site that can help you find singles
- C-Date puts you in touch with like-minded singles, free of charge

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Looking for an erotic adventure with style? Looking for ways to break out of a sexual rut? A private sex date might be just the thing for you...

Private sex dates with the right partner(s)
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- Discreet private sex dates are up to you rimagination – the sky is the limit!
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What exactly is Casual Dating and how does casual dating through the internet work? Find out for yourself with a free trial!

- Casual dating is fun
- C-Date connects you with people who share your sexual preferences and desires
- Register with C-Date for the full Casual Dating internet experience
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Casual dating is the realistic option for busy, mobile people who don't want to miss out on physcial passion and intimacy.  Are you looking for people who feel the same way?  For somebody who has a lot to do, every day, but wants to keep their Erotic-Life-Balance, nonetheless? C-Date's regional search function allows you to find partners for casual dating wherever you happen to be.

Casual dating knows no bounds.

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Casual dating is a term that seems to get bandied about more and more but it really is here to stay. This is the modern happy medium between one-night-stand and long-term relationship.

The Dos and Don'ts of Casual Dating

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Beer, Bavarian hospitality and lederhosen - or an opportunity to get a good look at some Dirndl cleavage and to flirt with the local girls? A C-date survey reveals that most Germans mainly appreciate the Oktoberfest because of the sexy costumes and the great flirting opportunities.

Since Saturday, Munich is once again home to the largest beer festival in the world. The Oktoberfest has made the city of Munich world-famous and the Bavarians are proud of this chance to show off their capital, the great beer, and the local traditions. But what really brings millions of visitors from all over the world to the Oktoberfest every year? According to our latest survey, C-date members are more interested in flirting and sex than in beer and lederhosen when they visit the Oktoberfest.read more

Is casual dating your dirty little secret? Or would you love to tell people about the adventures you find through the internet? On Virtual Love Day, you are encouraged you to share your online casual dating experiences.

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Contact C-date customer service if you have questions, feedback or criticism. The C-date customer service team guarantees a quick response.

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Casual Dating is a trend all over the world. Find out more about this growing phenomenon on a selection of international websites in many languages.

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